Closing week with no change in gasoline, diesel prices, Energy News, ET EnergyWorld

New Delhi: The prices of diesel and gasoline remained unchanged Thursday closing a week without any revision of the retail price of the two petroleum products.

Gasoline and diesel prices experienced great volatility during the months of July, August and September, when prices rose and fell at frequent intervals as diesel prices recently fell.

With no change in gasoline prices and taxes on Thursday, fuel prices were not revised for the sixth day in a row. In fact, gasoline prices have remained stable over the past 16 days.

The trend is in line with the trend in world oil prices. Crude prices remained weak for most of the previous week, falling nearly 10% to almost $ 40 a barrel. Over the past two days it has risen and is now around $ 42.5 a barrel.

The persistent coronavirus pandemic has impacted demand for oil and pushed prices down in the absence of any other trigger to lift the markets.

In the national capital, diesel continues to be priced at Rs 70.46 per liter. Likewise, fuel prices in Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata, are also stable at Rs 76.86, Rs 75.95 and Rs 73.99 respectively.

The price of gasoline in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata remains at Rs 81.06, Rs 87.74, Rs 84.14 and Rs 82.59 per liter respectively.

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