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BEAUFORT – After rejecting several offers to buy county-owned properties acquired through tax foreclosures, the Carteret County Council of Commissioners asked staff to set a minimum bid equal to the amount owed in tax arrears, plus related fees, for future offers to purchase tax foreclosed properties. .

The County Commissioners met for their regular monthly meeting on September 20 at the Beaufort Administrative Complex. On the agenda were a plethora of offers to purchase county-owned land, and the board had to decide whether to accept or reject each of the offers.

The properties in question were acquired in lengthy legal proceedings following tax foreclosures after the owners failed to pay property taxes. Most of the bids submitted to the commissioners were lower – in some cases much lower – than what is owed on the properties in arrears of taxes and attorneys’ fees related to the foreclosure process.

“I just have a feeling that if we’re going to announce the sale of a county owned property, there should be a minimum bid for what the county has in it,” said Commissioner Mark Mansfield, who was the first to speak last week. ask staff to consider setting a minimum bid amount. “… If we are to get rid of it, we have to get what is due to us.” “

Commissioners voted to reject the following offers:

  • 373, chemin Merrimon, lot 1 Wil Brown Haven, Beaufort. Offer of $ 1,727 from Shanna Elmore; unpaid taxes and fees due $ 7,405.14.
  • Numerous quotes from Wayne Langston, including: $ 200 for Kings Way Road, Straits NW terminus, unpaid taxes $ 6,421.43; $ 200 for 350 Kings Way Road, Straits, unpaid taxes $ 2,070; $ 100 for 266 Point Road, Mill Creek, unpaid taxes unknown; $ 250 for 141 Sowers Road, Beaufort, unpaid taxes $ 690.37; $ 500 for 143 Village Drive, South River, unpaid taxes $ 2,478.50; $ 500 for 253 Anchor Road, South River, unpaid taxes $ 2,335.05; and $ 250 for 146 Oak Lane, Williston, unpaid taxes $ 2,828.46.
  • Kings Way Road NW terminus, Straits. Offer of $ 2,100 from Charles Lewis; Unpaid taxes $ 6,421.43
  • 250 Nelson Neck Road, sea level. Two offers – $ 2,500 from James Morris and $ 3,000 from Jared Davis; Unpaid taxes $ 5,964.06.

The board voted to accept the following offers, which were greater than the back taxes and other fees owed. If the properties sell for more than they are owed, the excess amount is returned to the original owner.

  • 150 Lee Daniels Extension, Lot 3 Fulcher Heights, Atlantic. Offer of $ 6,000 from Charles Goodwin; unpaid taxes $ 5,175.14.
  • 143 Village Drive, South River. Offer of $ 3,750 from Joshua Tree Associates LLC; unpaid taxes $ 2,478.

According to County Manager Tommy Burns, the county has seen a slight increase in bids to purchase tax foreclosed land as it recently started advertising properties on the county’s revamped websites. Residents can view current county properties for sale on the collector’s website,

Mr Burns said he would do as directed by the board – no motions needed – and announce a minimum bid in the future, but the board agreed it would revisit the matter if the county was no longer receiving offers to buy because of the new requirement.

In the remaining business, the board adopted the consent agenda for the September 20 meeting, which included the following items:

  • Approval of the minutes of the August 16 meeting.
  • Tax releases, refunds and collector’s report.
  • Approval of exemptions from occupancy tax penalties.
  • Approval of the proclamation declaring October 3 Commercial Fishing Day in Carteret County.
  • Approval to release county reserve funds to the Otway Fire and Emergency Department for the purchase of an emergency back-up generator and corresponding budget amendment for $ 30,000.
  • Approval to release county reserve funds to the Harkers Island Fire Department to purchase a 200 HP Suzuki outboard motor for use on the Fire Department Rescue Boat and corresponding budget amendment for $ 15,000.
  • Approval of a resolution expressing concern over unfunded and underfunded state mandates for public education.
  • Approval to hire a full-time temporary medical assistant to help with COVID-19 testing.
  • Approval of the budget amendment allocating $ 150,000 of US County Cyber ​​Security bailout funds.
  • Approval of the allocation of funds for the Goal-Based Youth Mentorship Program and corresponding budget amendment of $ 45,000.
  • Request for acceptance of amendment 466 to the financing agreement advancing equity capital and approval of the budget modification for $ 39,900. This is linked to additional funds for the Ministry of Health to address the disparities related to COVID.
  • Approval of a Memorandum of Understanding between Carteret County and the North River Laurel Road Fire Department to use a brush truck and equipment for fire response.
  • Approval to amend Section VII of the County Purchasing Policy to increase the purchase order requirement for purchases from $ 100 to $ 300.
  • Approval of the contract authorization for environmental permits, engineering design and construction administration for East Taylor Creek maintenance dredging and Radio Island shoreline protection project and corresponding budget amendment for 1 $ 950,000.
  • Approval for the Down East Fire Department to use reserve funds to hire a grant writer to apply for an infrastructure grant and a corresponding budget amendment of $ 5,000.
  • Approval of the proclamation in recognition of National 4-H Week in Carteret County.
  • Approval of budget amendment to advance EMS district reserve funds and capital improvement funds totaling $ 2,417,709.
  • Approval of reclassification of the post of Animal Control Supervisor from salary grade 66 to salary grade 67.
  • Approval to accept the donation of the 2005 Sterling Acterra wheeled coach ambulance for assignment to the Sheriff’s Office.

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