Did the Canadiens ask Price to forgo a move ahead of the expansion draft?

Some interesting reports are coming in after the deadline for submitting final lists for the Seattle expansion project on Saturday. The Montreal Canadiens may have taken a huge risk by exposing one of the most popular players in franchise history.

According to Frank Seravalli of The Daily Faceoff, “There is no word on the #Habs final protection list, but multiple sources say the Canadians have at least discussed the idea of ​​Carey Price waiving his lockout clause. no travel for exhibit in the #SeaKraken expansion project within the past 24 hours.

This is an interesting report considering that the deadline for asking players to relinquish their NMCs was last Wednesday. If a player had to give up, he should have done so before Friday. If Price was, for some reason, left exposed, he should have gone unnoticed in the past two days. It seems incredibly unlikely.

There has been a lot of talk about Jake Allen playing a trade before the submit lists, but it never happened. Is there anything else going on in Montreal? And, if he was left exposed, one has to wonder if Seattle would salivate on occasion to select him.

Price would be an attractive option for the Kraken

Like the World Hockey report on Twitter notes: “Carey Price spends his summer in Tri-Cities, is a legend in this region and grew up 1,000 miles from Seattle. He would sell so many tickets if he was actually exhibited and selected.

Some would say Seattle would take it in a second. They would sell jerseys instantly and have a franchise face to represent the team, much like Marc-Andre Fluery did for Vegas. Not only that, but Price is still considered one of the best goalkeepers of the modern age, even though his regular season numbers have plummeted.

Others will say that it is a calculated risk by Canadians and that Seattle would not dare to accept this contract.

We’ll see when the lists are released on Sunday. Imagine the Canadiens starting next season with Shea Weber, Phillip Danault and Carey Price…

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