Echo Dot at a mini price: 24 euros on Amazon!

Even better, these days they’re more accessible than you might think. We are talking about one of the most sought after, the Amazon Echo Dot, which is already in its fourth generation, is deflated prices on the site itself. Can you imagine how much? We first tell you all the virtues and everything it will allow you to do!

Best-selling assistant speaker: Amazon’s Echo Dot

Getting to the heart of the matter, do you know everything the Echo Dot is capable of? Amazon’s best-selling speaker is the personification of Alexa. You can physically hide it anywhere in your house, it will pass through another decorative element! It has a circular design, very similar to a bluetooth speakerand, in fact, can perform the same functions!

With built-in Alexa, you can ask her anything you need and more: stream music to various apps like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer or whatever. And not just music, but any other application of streaming services such as podcasts or even radios like the Cadena SER, Ondacero… He lacks nothing.

Their the audio quality will leave you enchanted, as it supports high definition lossless audio. Best of all is that by having Alexa you can have your very own voice assistant. Being the largest model, it has multiple long-range microphones, so wherever you are, you can be heard.

Alexa will answer all kinds of questions you ask her, and she’ll even tell you jokes… Or when you get up, she’ll give you the Weather forecast for that day, including road and traffic conditions.

With Digital Home you will literally have everything in your home with the family name “Smart” or “Intelligent”. Since smart tvs, lights, blinds… You will be able to have control of everything that is under the Alexa application (which you will have to configure beforehand with your mobile). This way you can get up in the morning and raise the blinds without opening your eyes, or program the TV to turn on.

Isn’t it amazing? Moreover, he has multiple layers of protection and privacy controls, including a button to electronically disconnect microphones.

And now cheaper!

Now you can get Alexa at a really crazy price. Its usual price is 34.99 euros, but nowadays it is more accessible than ever. ¡Only 24.99 euro with the possibility of choosing between black or anthracite! In the link we provide you can add smart bulbs to the pack to start automating your home.

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