Low yield pushes retail price of tomato to Rs 70/kg in Tiruppur – The New Indian Express

Express press service

TIRUPPUR: The poor yield has pushed the retail price of tomatoes to Rs 70 per kilogram in Tiruppur district from Rs 10/kg last month.

Speaking to TNIE, NY Vegetable Agent Sihabudeen said, “Over the past couple of months, Tiruppur has seen huge arrivals of tomatoes. Thennampalayam market received over 40 tons of tomatoes from Palladam, Pongalur, Madathukulam and Uduamalaipet. Thus, retail prices collapsed to 110 per kilogram while the purchase price was around 5 rupees per kg. But, last week, arrivals decreased and retail prices rose to Rs 40 per kg. Only 20 tonnes have hit the market in the past two days and the price has soared to Rs 70 per kilogram. »

S Moorthi (40) a farmer from Palladam, “Two months ago when retail prices were Rs 10 per kg, a box (14 kilograms) was bought for 100. I grew tomatoes on 1 acre, spending Rs 25,000 on fertilizer, insecticides and labor costs. But, due to the summer heat, the flowers did not bloom, resulting in a poor yield. Now I am selling at Rs 700 per box.

R Jagathish, a farmer from Chittambalam village in Palladam, said he had lost half an acre of yield due to summer. “Due to the scarcity of tomatoes in markets in Tiruppur district, I could sell a box of tomatoes for Rs 800.”

Deputy Director of Horticulture Department (Tiruppur), T Suresh Rajan, said: “Bad weather had a strong effect on crops in March and April, causing flowers and stems to wilt and arrivals to drop. in the markets of Tiruppur. I expect the trend to continue for some time.