Maximum retail price of 505 brands of alcohol set under Delhi’s new excise policy | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: As part of the implementation of its new excise policy, the Delhi government has so far registered 516 brands of alcohol and set a maximum retail price for 505 brands, officials said on Friday. government.
The 505 brands include 166 brands of whiskey, 154 of wine, 65 of beer and 55 of vodka, according to excise officials.
“A total of 516 brands of liquor have been registered so far. Out of 516 brands registered, a fee of 507 has been paid. The MRP (maximum retail price) for 505 brands of liquor has been set up to Friday, “said an excise service official on condition of anonymity.
Under Delhi’s new excise policy, 849 chic liquor stores are being set up in 32 areas across the city. A retail licensee will have 27 liquor stores per zone.
The new policy aims to revolutionize the consumer experience by replacing existing liquor dispensers in nooks and crannies of the city with chic and stylish liquor stores spread over at least 500 square feet with walk-in access. .
These shops will be spacious, well-lit and air-conditioned.
Officials said the other types of alcohol for which the MRP has been set include 34 brands of rum, 11 brands of gin, five brands of brandy and alcohol, and 10 brands of mixed alcoholic beverages.
Wholesale prices of various brands of alcohol could increase by eight to nine percent, they said.
The impact on wholesale prices due to the incorporation of factors such as central two percent sales tax, wholesaler profit margin, import pass fees, and freight and handling charges , will result in an increase of 10 to 25 percent for some brands of whiskey made foreign spirits), with a per unit fluctuation of eight percent (Royal Stag Premier) to 25.9 percent (Blenders Pride Rare), according to an order issued by the excise department in October.
Later in a statement, the excise department said that in the new excise policy, the trademark registration process has been streamlined in order to make all niche brands available to Delhi residents.
“We have processed all applications and there is no pending trademark registration. The department is working to increase the number of trademarks in the coming times based on the requests received regarding trademark registration for the year 2021-2022, “said the press release.
This will also give customers a wide choice in terms of brand availability, he added.
The policy also allows for the opening of five super premium retail stores covering 2,500 square feet. A liquor tasting facility will also be developed at these super premium retail stores. The new excise policy also allows the sale of bottled alcohol in restaurants.