Ohio now rivals Michigan for retail price of medical marijuana flower

In terms of cost, the DEPC reported that the average price per gram of marijuana in Ohio at a licensed dispensary was around $ 18.18 today – down from $ 18.47 in 2019 – down from $ 9.38. at a Michigan dispensary or $ 8.42 on the black market.

These numbers are misleading, however, according to Crain’s analysis of actual OMMCP data.

During the week ending August 15, the average price per daily unit (or 2.83 grams, according to OMCPP rules) of the marijuana flower was $ 30.27, or about $ 10.69 per gram, based on data provided by the Ohio Department of Commerce.

This equates to a 38% drop in Ohio for flowers from prices at the end of January 2019.

In Michigan, the average dispensary price for an ounce of marijuana in August was $ 292.46, or $ 10.33 per gram. The price per gram in Illinois for the marijuana flower was around $ 13.75 in August.

Prices are constantly fluctuating, and sales figures provided by the state reflect actual outside costs, which will include discounts for needy people and veterans as well as other regular sales. Those numbers also exclude prices for manufactured goods, which include everything from vape carts and infused edibles to lotions and oils. The average price per unit of manufactured product in Ohio was $ 46.55 in mid-August, according to the state. Comparing these items is not very helpful as these items vary greatly in variety and cost.

Ultimately, however, Ohio appears to compete more closely with states like Michigan and Illinois – and the black market – in terms of a key measure of flower prices, at least more than previously believed. .

“Critics like to compare the cost of regulated marijuana to that of street marijuana. But there is no comparison. Medical marijuana is grown in clean facilities under strict state regulation, tested in licensed labs, sold in safe dispensaries and won’t earn you jail time, ”said Andy Rayburn, CEO of Marijuana Grower Buckeye relief and president of the Ohio Medical Cannabis Industry Association. “There is no traceability of street marijuana, no guarantee that it will not be mixed with fentanyl, no safe and clean dispensary, and no protection from prosecution. The combined efforts of the state and the industry to protect patients clearly have a justifiable cost. “

According to a recent analysis of other data on the Ohio marijuana market, there were approximately $ 21.4 million worth of marijuana products sold in July, which set a record for most sales. in one month since the opening of the dispensaries in January 2019.

It’s still a fraction of what other comparable medical markets see in sales today, like Maryland for example, that allows for a broader list of qualifying conditions, including anxiety.

You can read more about the state of the Ohio marijuana market today in my blog from September 17th.

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