Proposal to set the minimum price for reusable plastic bags in Jersey at 70p

Residents of Jersey may soon be required to pay a minimum of 70 pence for a “plastic bag for life” under a new proposal tabled by the island’s infrastructure minister.

In addition, MP Kevin Lewis wants to ban merchants from providing single-use plastic and paper bags and insists that retailers have been consulted on the bill.

The aim is to prevent islanders from repeatedly buying environmentally harmful bags.

If approved by the Assembly of States, chargeable bags would fall into two categories:

  • A plastic bag for life, which is a carry bag with or without a recyclable plastic handle with a wall thickness of 50 microns or more

  • A paper bag for life, that is to say a transport bag with or without handle in recyclable paper weighing 170 g / m² or more

The decision to include paper bags in legislation is to encourage Islanders to bring their own bags when shopping and to change behaviors away from a “throwaway culture”.

Certain bags would be exempt, including garbage bags, dog poop bags and diaper bags.

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