St. Paul is considering a minimum price of $ 10 for cigarette packs

St. Paul, Minnesota, is considering imposing a minimum price of $ 10 for cigarette packs.

St. Paul’s city council is expected to consider the draft ordinance at a city council meeting scheduled for Wednesday, according to documents posted on the council’s website.

The legislation would prohibit sellers from selling packets of cigarettes and chewing tobacco for less than $ 10 before taxes, according to its text. The legislation would also prohibit retailers from selling tobacco products with coupons, promotional offers or other discounts.

The bill also creates separate licenses for stores that strictly sell tobacco and reduces the number of such licenses from 242 to 150. The total number of tobacco stores in the city will not exceed 25.

According to Pioneer Press, there are 190 active licenses.

Licensed stores are expected to derive at least 90 percent of their revenue from licensed products and prohibit people under the age of 21 from entering their establishments. They must also have at least one person responsible for the sale of tobacco.

City council member Nelsie Yang, who sponsored the legislation, told MPR News that the legislation was intended to “heal our communities and get them back.”

“You know, put that in the hands of the people and let them decide, do they want a community that revolves around health and safety and so much more? The answer is yes, ”Yang said.

There is precedent for establishing such restrictions on tobacco. New York City sets a minimum price per pack of $ 13, while Providence, RI, prohibits discounts, MPR noted.

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