The minimum price for a Cool Cat NFT is now $ 33,000… and going up

The floor price for the Cool Cat NFT Collection has risen 30% to over 10 Ethereum over the past week as buyers continue to flow into the booming NFT space.

Cool Cats has long been a favorite in the NFT space due to its vibrant artwork and friendly and engaging Discord and Twitter communities, with many owners choosing to use their Cool Cat as their Profile Picture (PFP).

The collection is now the third generative PFP collection – a collection that typically has 10,000 unique NFTs – to hit the 10 ETH floor price point behind CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club, which are considered the major blue chip projects in the NFT Space.

Cool Cats developer ‘xtremetom’ celebrated the milestone on Twitter while others members of the Cool Cats team celebrated comically with a “puffed milk“.

Data from OpenSea shows that Cool Cats has reached nearly 7,000 ETH in volume over the past seven days and has now topped Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) in the weekly rankings.

Additional data from Coingecko also shows the growth of Cool Cats over the past 30 days, with the floor price – the minimum for which an NFT can be bought – dropping from 2.8 ETH on August 27 to the current floor price of 10.75 ETH ($ 33,000).

A number of record-breaking sales were also recorded last week for collectible TV heads. The record-breaking purchase of a Cool Cat was made by prominent crypto wallet provider and collector NFT CoinUnited who purchased one of nine insanely rare ‘Hidden Cats’ for 110 ETH.

Cool Cats has attracted a number of top buyers including Steve Aoki, who bought a Bob Ross TV head cat, and Mike Tyson.

First investor NFT and “Cool Cats Maxi” Farokh Also has a collection of 17 Cool Cats, including two TV Heads and his much sought-after Afro Rainbow Unicorn cat, which he proudly wears as his PFP.

He also recently called Cool Cats “the Pokémon of the Web3”, referring to their collectible nature and their important role in integrating and attracting new buyers to the Web3 and NFT spaces.

The upcoming introduction of NFT Twitter verification also brings an additional incentive for Cool Cats owners – access to the Cool Cats community through verifiable ownership and the ability to ‘flex’ their rare cats in a friendly and engaging environment. .

The collection also continues to generate spinoffs, most notably the 24px collection and Cool Cats Collabs – a set that heralds an upcoming collaboration with TIME Magzine.

The president of TIME Magazine, Keith grossman, is a longtime Cool Cats supporter and even carries a PFP teaser that features a group of Cool Cats on the front of the magazine.

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