The retail price of tomatoes touches Rs 80 per kg

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As summer is at its peak and the supply of vegetables has tightened, its prices are spoiling the household budgets of the common man. The prices of green vegetables and fruits are increasing with each passing day because vendors are sourcing from vendors based in other states.

Adding to the woes, recent periods of rain showers have damaged tomato crops in some places in the south of the country, driving up its price nationwide.

The price of tomatoes, which had shown an upward trend over the past two weeks in the city, hit 80 rupees per kg in retail markets on Sunday.

Ram Mahajan, one of the vegetable wholesalers, said a shortage of tomatoes is the main cause of the price hike.

“We used to load 10 to 12 truckloads of tomatoes every day. But today only four trucks have arrived here on the market. This has created a huge shortage of it and so the rates are skyrocketing,” he said.

It should be mentioned here that at the moment tomatoes and other varieties of vegetables are in great demand due to the current wedding season.

However, Mahajan said tomatoes are not available in nearby locations. “It is not available here in the region at the moment. Moreover, vendors in Western Maharashtra also do not supply tomatoes. We are solely dependent on farmers in places like Jaipur and Bareilly,” he said.

But sourcing vegetables from distant suppliers is an expensive affair that further increases its retail price, Mahajan said.

Another trader, speaking on condition of anonymity, said markets will experience a shortage of tomatoes over the next few weeks and prices will continue to soar.

“The retail price of tomatoes could rise further in the coming days as I see no scope for improving supply,” he said.