Ukraine sets minimum retail price for UAH 2-3 single plastic bags from February 1

From February 1, Ukraine introduces minimum selling prices for plastic bags (for one packaging including VAT): 2 UAH for a bag without handles and side folds; UAH 2.5 for one without handles and with side pleats, with handles and without side pleats and UAH 3 for a bag with handles and side pleats.

According to statements from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Economy, the Ukrainian government made the relevant decision at Monday’s meeting.

Authorities said each Ukrainian uses an average of 500 plastic bags per year. However, in the EU, as Health Minister Viktor Liashko said, this figure is on average 90.

“At the same time, out of 40,000 tons of plastic in Ukraine, only 6% is recycled. In Europe, the level of use reaches 70%,” he said.

Liashko said that the increase in the production and use of plastic over the past 20 years has led to an increase in diseases of the endocrine system due to the chemicals it contains.

“The approval of minimum retail prices for plastic bags will encourage citizens to use reusable eco-friendly bags and help protect the environment and human health from the harmful effects of microplastics,” said the first deputy minister of the ‘Economy Denys Kudin.