West Bengal Excise Department takes an interest in retail price of alcohol | Calcutta News

KOLKATA: The State Excise Department has opened investigations to ensure that the massive fall in the prices of foreign made-in-India alcohol (IMFL) and bottled alcohol (BIO) is passed on to the consumer final. As part of the campaign, the South Calcutta Collector closed a liquor store of a leading retail chain in a central Calcutta shopping center because of a premium.
A senior excise collector official said he had started investigating shops and called on bars and restaurants to cut prices. “We send teams to different stores,” said the manager. According to sources, apart from a closed for seven days for investigation, other outlets of liquor in this retail chain are also under scanner. “We will go to the liquor stores of this chain. There was evidence of overvaluation in at least three brands in new inventory and we will be investigating other brands as well. But it is not a suspension. It’s a seven-day shutdown for further investigation, ”the official said.
It has also been learned that, informally, the excise department has asked bars to pass the lower prices on to customers as soon as they can. “We tell them that every time they get new inventory, they should immediately pass on the profits,” one official said.
Prices for IMFL, beer, bottled original spirits, overseas spirits bottled in India, and wine have fallen by 20-30%. For beer, the decrease was marginal (5% -6%) but for certain prices registered IMFL with excise duty, the decrease was even 30%. The prices of some major premium and semi-premium whiskey brands have been reduced by 30%. For luxury whiskey brands, the drop was 25-26%; for popular rum brands, the drop was 15-18%.