Winegrowers set the minimum price for quality products for export

Grape growers have finalized the rate of their produce for the export market at a minimum of ₹82 per kg in January, ₹71 in February and ₹62 in March for this season.

The Maharashtra State Grape Grower Association (MSGGA), the apex body of grape growers, recently held a meeting in Nashik to decide on the minimum price for their produce.

Association members calculated the price based on a 10% profit on the cost of producing the grapes. The member decided that farmers should sell their produce above this base price and finalize the higher rate based on fruit variety, color, shape and quality.

The members have decided that the winemaker will not sell products below the minimum rate finalized by the Association. Kailas Bhosale, vice president of the association, said the farmers have decided to come together and set the minimum price for grapes for export because farmers have suffered a lot in the past two seasons. He said winegrowers were turning to private lenders and farmers had to decide on the minimum price because the government had taken no action to help winegrowers.

Vilas Shinde, director of the association and president and general manager of Sahyadri Farms, said that the Nashik region has taken the lead in exporting grapes to the European market, but now it is high time that winegrowers unite and study the market before selling the products.

He added that winemakers must plan the supply of grapes so that the product is available throughout the year. “Farmers need to understand the demand and supply in the market and stick together to increase their bargaining power,” Shinde said.

Maharashtra winegrowers themselves initiated this major market reform and the Association plans to involve all winegrowers in the initiative.