4 Useful Tips To Make Keyword Rank Tracking More Efficient

4 Useful Tips To Make Keyword Rank Tracking More Efficient

With the right processes and tools in place, monitoring your pages’ search performance gives you a wealth of valuable information.

Keyword Rank Tracking Software – Why You NEED to Have it

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Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel: https://bit.ly/37TPfGP

– BrightEdge https://www.brightedge.com/resources/research-reports/content-optimization)

One of the things I don’t hear talked about enough is the importance of keyword tracking for successful SEO. I feel like this is one of those things that people tend to neglect when they create a website because all they hear is that you need to publish content over and over to succeed.

While there is an element of truth to that, tracking your keywords will help you understand how your content is performing in search engines and if you use this data effectively, it could lead to some serious success on your website.

In today’s video, I’m going to discuss the importance of keyword rank tracking software and why having it is an essential part of any business.

Understanding keyword rank tracking
• Over 50% of traffic to websites comes from search engines (https://www.brightedge.com/resources/research-reports/content-optimization)
• What does keyword rank tracking software do
• Keywords are really phrases
• Watching how keywords perform in SERP is crucial to success
• Rank tracking software allows you to track phrases you’re trying to rank for
– Continual optimizations and lead to higher rankings
– Backlinking to articles also lead to higher rankings

Why is Keyword Tracking so Important?
• Can signal positive momentum in a given cluster of content
• See the impact of revised content changes
– Do this every 30-60 days if possible
– Always republish the piece on website and resubmit to google
• Understand if backlinks are raising positions
– Usually requires linking to the target keyword page
– Don’t over-optimize anchor text

What keywords should I track for SEO?
• I talk about about writing content for low competition keywords a lot
– This isn’t for that unless just starting out
• This is for keywords that are crucial for your website and business
– High user intent
– Valuable to the business
– Most importantly, will lead to profit

What tool do I recommend for keyword tracking?
• Technically can do this in Google Search Console
– Not granular enough
– Doesn’t update daily
• Wincher ($10/month ongoing, $1 for first month if you do trial) http://www.onehourprofessor.com/wincher
• Accuranker is also good but mostly for agencies (Cost more)
• They have WordPress plugin as well
– Limitation of 10 keywords
– I Prefer the website
• Screenshare tutorial

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Free Keywords Rank Tracking Tool for Beginners | Simple SEO Tool To Check Keywords Ranking

This is a video on a free and easy tool to check the rankings of the keywords for your website. It doesn’t require registration and signup to access the data and is best suitable for beginners in the SEO field.

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SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker (Unlimited SEO Keyword Ranking Tool)

SEO PowerSuite Rank Checker Video
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Thanks for checking out my SEO PowerSuite rank tracker video. This is a great part of SEO PowerSuite overall, especially for the fact that you get an unlimited amount of SEO keywords to track. Check out the video to see how it works, as well as some of the perks that come along with it.

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How to Track your Keywords? Best Rank Tracking Tool for SEO | Dopinger

In this video, Sara talked about the rank trackers. How to use a rank tracking tool to check your position and which are the bets? So, here we go!

Anyone who does search engine optimization “SEO” knows that keywords are a fundamental part of SEO. You can see the websites with well-optimized keywords listed at the top. In this case, it shows that keywords enable to connect with the users. You should monitor your website performance using keyword tracking tools. It is also crucial for SEO work. In this article, we will touch upon the best rank trackers for SEO. We are going to list the ones we have found the best and explain why we have chosen them in detail.

Visit our blog artcile to get more information; https://blog.dopinger.com/best-rank-trackers-for-seo

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00:00 Intro
00:25 Which are the best rank checker tools?
00:40 Ahrefs
00:56 Semrush
01:20 Dopinger rank tracking tool
01:42 What are the advantages of Dopinger rank tracker tool?
01:50 Google keyword planners
02:15 Woorank
02:47 Wincher
03:07 SEOprofiler

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