Keyword Grouping: Why You Need It & How to Do It Right

Keyword Grouping: Why You Need It & How to Do It Right

Learn the top reasons why you should implement keywording grouping in your SEO strategy and how to do it right using SE Ranking's Keyword Grouper tool.

Keyword Grouping and Mapping 2 methods | What is Keyword Mapping

Keyword Grouping and Mapping 2 methods | What is Keyword Mapping
Keyword grouping and mapping is a technique used in search engine optimization (SEO) to help organize and optimize website content.

First, a list of relevant keywords is compiled based on the content of the website. These keywords should be relevant to the main topics and themes of the website.

Next, the keywords are grouped together based on their similarities and relationships. This helps to create a clear and organized structure for the website’s content.

Once the groups have been established, a mapping process can be used to determine where each group of keywords should be used within the website. This involves assigning specific keywords or groups of keywords to different pages or sections of the website in a logical and strategic way.

By using keyword grouping and mapping, website owners can help ensure that their content is easily understood by search engines and that their website ranks well in search results for relevant keywords.
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New Keyword Grouping Tool in Rank Tracker + How to Use It

Meet a new feature in Rank Tracker: Keyword Grouping. Watch this short video and learn how it works.

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If you’ve been busy managing thousands of keywords for SEO, we’ve got great news: we’ve updated our keyword grouping tool to make it more flexible and insightful.

From now on, you can easily group your keywords and create subfolders for topical clustering.
We’ve also added the drag-and-drop function to move keywords between groups. And we hope you’ll enjoy the simplified interface and synchronized keyword groups in all modules of Rank Tracker.

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Keyword Grouping Software – How To Group Keywords – This keyword grouping software can take a list of keywords and break it down into relevant groups.

Grouping your keywords into relevant groups is an excellent way to improve you PPC campaigns (it lowers cost per click or CPC) and also improve your Google Adwords Quality Score.

For organic rankings, keyword groups are an excellent SEO strategy as they allow you to target the right audience with the most relevant keyword terms and phrases.

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Topical Clusters & Keyword Grouping for SEO

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