A Complete Guide To the Google Penguin Algorithm Update

A Complete Guide To the Google Penguin Algorithm Update

Check out the complete history of Google's Penguin algorithm and learn how it impacted the practice of SEO.

Update on Google and Backlink Strategies

In this video, you’ll hear some of the following:
Google releases some ~500 algorithm updates a year. It’s important to keep this fact in mind as we monitor the search engine rankings. Not every update has something to do with a big name algorithm update. Yes, these are Google’s benchmarks – the big updates that make SEO news headlines. But they’re certainly not the only updates Google releases throughout the year. Google’s taken everything “standard” about optimizing. Backlinks have always been the foundation for SEO. It’s not a numbers game anymore. And you have to be careful. As we just saw with Penguin, even if you’re building only slightly gray hat links, you may be penalized.
In this video, Some Types of Link Building Strategies to Avoid.
1.Article Directory Backlinks
2.Forum Posts Signature Links/Blog Comments
3.Web 2.0 Properties
4.Practical Strategies for Building Quality Backlinks
5.Choosing Only the Most Credible Sites
6.Where to Find Sites to Build Your Incoming Links
7.How to Submit Your Site for Fast and Valuable Results
8.Other Strategies for Finding Sites to Build Backlinks
One of the biggest mistakes you can make in SEO is expecting instant results. Linking to multiple pages on your site will help your link building to appear natural to the search engines. Good luck!
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What is Google Penguin Algorithm?

Hey Guys,
In this video, you will learn about Google’s Penguin Update.
Short Overview:
Google Penguin is a code name for a Google algorithm update that was first announced in 2012. The update was designed to decrease search engine rankings of websites that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines by using deceptive or manipulative techniques to improve their ranking in search results. This includes tactics such as keyword stuffing, cloaking, and link schemes. The main goal of the Penguin update was to improve the quality of search results and make it harder for webmasters to manipulate their way to the top of search rankings. The update has undergone several iterations since its initial release, with the most recent version being released in 2016.

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00:00 Introduction to Google Penguin Update
01:03 What is a Backlink?
01:52 What is an Internal Backlink?
02:27 What is an External Backlink?
02:58 Why Penguin update?
04:33 Why Penguin update is Important for Websites?
06:35 Follow Penguin Update to stay Safe

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Google Penguin | A Complete Guide for Google Algorithm | Google Penguin updates (Hindi/Urdu)

In this video,
DigiTech Sialkot Explains about the basics of Penguin algorithm.
What are the various parameters on which Google Penguin works.
Recovery points of Penguin algorithms

So, Do watch this video till the end.

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Google Penguin Update Explained by Jason Hennessey of Everspark Interactive

Looking to better understand the Google Penguin algorithm update? Penguin was an internal code name at Google for a major update that was first announced on April 24th 2012. This update sent shock waves through the SEO and Webmaster communities. It was an update targeting websites that were in violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, specifically as it relates to using “black hat” techniques to artificially increase page rank and search engine results by way of unnatural link building. In this video, Jason Hennessey, of Everspark Interactive walks us through the history of techniques used for top ranking your website on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing dating back to 1998. He talks about the era of keyword stuffing, then goes into the 10+ years where “black hat” SEOs spent their time link spamming, casually mentions the Penguin update launched on February 11th 2014, discusses the effects of Negative SEO, and the reasoning why Google launched their DIsavow tool in Webmaster Tools. If you would like to learn more about SEO or just have a question, please leave them in the comments secation below of visit us online at http://www.eversparkinteractive.com/